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Original Oil Panting by Meera Gupta

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This original never reproduced 48" x 36" Oil Panting is by Ms. Meera Gupta the founder of "Meera Kala Saman” in 2011. 



Meera Gupta is a veteran artist whose work thrives exclusively on Indian mythological subjects. She brings out the beauty of Indian culture in every piece of her work through transparent water colors, , oil colors and acrylic color on paper and canvas.


1957, Diploma of art,jj school of arts mumbai.1957
1959-60, Fello,shanti niketan, vishwa bharti university,kolkata.

Professional Experience

2006, Veteran artists Exhibition, AIFACS, New Delhi

2005, Exhibition of Jan Sanskriti manch, Indore

2005, Group Show at Nehru center, Mumbai

2005, Group show at Devlalikar Kala Vithika, Indore

2005, Inter viewed by O.T.G. Channel

2005, Ashwin Exhibition of Lok Sanskriti Manch, Indore

2005, Exhibition & Camp, Malwa utsav, Indore

2005, Parijat Kala group show, Indore

2004, Interviewed by Door Darhsan, Indore

2004, Fankar Exhibition at Jassubhai Art gallery, Mumbai

2004, Group of artist at Karnataka Chitra Kala Parishad

2004, Exhibition of Fankar group of artist

2004, Felicitated by State Bank Of Indore

2003, Felicitated by Bharti Kala bhawan, Ujjain

2003, Exhibition and camp on Platinum jubilee program at Lalit Kala Akadami, Indore

2002, Felicitated by Saptahik Kashti, Indore

2002, fankar Exhibition at Lalit Kala Akadmi, New Delhi

2002, fankar Exhibition at Nehru center, Mumbai

2002, Exhibition of senior artists of Madhya Pradesh at Lalit Kala Akadmi, New Delhi

2001, Artist’s Group Show at Taj hotel, Indore

2001, Artist’s camp at Fankar Art Gallery, Indore

2001, Senior Artist’s group show at Fankar Art Gallery, Indore

2000, Documentary film of my paintings

2000, Varnagam Shivir,(Kalidas Akadmi camp),Ujjain

2000, Senior Artist’s group show at Deolalikar Kala Vithika, Indore

1999, “Kalaparv” National art camp, Ujjain

1997, Artist’s camp, Jabalpur

1996, Judge, Shree Padmashree Vakankar Memorial Art Competion,Ujjain

1995, Judge, Shreemati Indu Sethi Memorial Art Competion,Ujjain

1994, Invited participant Traditional Art painting exhibition & Camp, Indore,(Organized by South Central Center Zone Culture Center, Nagpur,)

1994, “Sare Ham”Camp & exhibition organized by Halatol, Indore

1993, Kala guru Deolalikar Birth Centenary ,Camp & exhibition, Indore

1993, Painting selected for exhibition at Oslo(Norway) by Indian Epilepsy Association

1993, “Art Cosmos” exhibition Indore

993, Art Exhibition by Indian Epilepsy Association, Indore

1992, Kalidas exhibition, Ujjain

1992, Examiner for Final year exam, Govt. Institute of Fine Arts, Indore

1992, Deolalikar Shahabadi Exhibition, Indore

1992, All India Fine Arts & Crafts Exhibition, New Delhi

1992, Malwa Utsav, Art Exhibition, Indore

1991, Examiner for Final year exam, Govt. Institute of Fine Arts, Indore

1991, Kalidas exhibition, Ujjain

1991, One Parson Show at Deolalikar Art Gallery, Indore

1990, Art Demonstration at Govt. Institute of Fine Arts, Indore

1989, One Parson Show at Deolalikar Art Gallery, Indore

1986, One Parson Show at Rockville Library, Montgomery County, Maryland, USA

1985, One Parson Show at Columbia Dine Arts Gallery, Columbia, Maryland, USA

1985, Westchester county Fine Arts Show, Armonk, New York, NY, USA

1985, New York State Art Fair, Woods hole, MA, USA

1985, One Person Show at Woods hole Exhibition hall, Woods hole, MA, USA

1982, One Person Show at Taj art gallery, Mumbai

1980, One Person Show at Deolalikar Art Gallery, Indore

1977, One Person Show at M.P. Kala Parishad, Bhopal

1971, Regional Art Exhibition, Gwalior

1960, All India Art Exhibition, Ujjain

1959, Art exhibition by Vshawa Bharti University, Calcutta

1955, Participant, All India Schools of art, exhibition, Hyderabad, Before1955; Participated in several art exhibition and competitions in Madhya Pradesh


Paintings in Permanent Collections and Art Museums 

Maharajah Gwalior Collection, Gwalior

J.J. School of Art, Mumbai

Gwalior Art College, Gwalior

Lok Nirman Vibhag, Gwalior

Govt. Institute of Fine Arts, Indore

Birla House, New Delhi

P.T.Patel Collection, Mumbai

Lal bagh Museum, Indore

M.P. Tourism Development Authority

Taj Art Gallery, Mumbai

Daljeej Singh Sethi, Mumbai,

Many private Collections in India and abroad, i.e., Maryland, Washington, New York, Texas, Ohio, Pittsburgh, England, Canada, Dubai and Holland.

Dissertation And Thesis On Meera Gupta’s Art

Meera Gupta: Art & Artist (Vikaram University, Ujjain, 1989).

Artistic study of Art of Women Artist Pro. Shiv Kumari Joshi & Mrs. Meera Gupta. (Vikaram University, Ujjain, 1998).

Moun Sadhika Shreemati Meera Gupta: Ek Parichay (Devi Ahiliya Vishv Vidyalay, Indore, 2001-2002)

Malwa Kshetr Ki Chitrkala Main Mahilaon Ka Yogadan,( Ph.D. Vikaram University, Ujjain,)


Paintings published in several magazines like “Ravivar”,”Kadambini”

Greeting cards for Cancer Care Trust, Indore.

Calendar of paintings by an American Pharmaceutical Company.



1999, AIFACS Award, New Delhi

1999, Special achievement award for women, Indore

1999, Honoured by All India Fine Arts & Craft Society (AIFACS) for selected Achievement in fine arts,

1965, Young Artist’s Award, All India Art Exhibition, Gwalior

1964, Young Artist’s Award for water color painting in M.P. Art Exhibition, Indore

1962, Award for best water color painting, All India Art Exhibition, Raipur

1961, Award for excellence in art, Exhibition of Abhinav Kala Samaj, sponsored by M.P. Art Academy,

1957, Award for best water color painting, All India Art Exhibition, Gwalior

1956, Award in All India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad

  • Honored by all india fine arts and crafts society (aifacs) for life time achievement in fine arts 1999.
  • Shreshta kala acharya samman” by madhuban sanatha,bhopal.
  • Kala shiromani samman” by kala rang sangh,gwalior.
  • Rashtriya swasti samman” by kalavart nyas,ujjain.
  • Kala samman by s.m.d.,foundation,mumbai 2013.
  • Samman by bharti kala bhawan,ujjain 2003.
  • Special achievement award for women,indore1999.
  • Young artist’s award at all india art exhibition gwalior 1965.
  • Young artist’s awards for water color paining in m.p. art exhibition,indore.1964.
  • Awarded for best water colour painting at all india art exhibition,gwalior.1957.

Motivational Tip

Patience is lacking these days in young artist,patience is the key to success. we work for days contentiously ,that time we work for ourselves and also selling is very difficult.i just want to say work with dedication and practise.i think young artist have more exposure and even they are more educated so work hard but it should be focused. for me art is a prayer not a business.

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Meera Gupta



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