About Us

About Bharat Artisans

Bharat Artisans specializes in handcrafted products from India also locally known as Bharat. We showcase the cultural brilliance and craftsmanship of the nation. The products we sell are symbolic of a country that is a melting pot of diverse communities, customs, tribes, traditions, festivals, and languages. The lineage of  Indian craftsmanship dates back to antiquity and captures a rich blend of functionality with artistic ingenuity.  

Bharat Artisans is an importer and wholesaler of all types of handcrafted Indian products. We embrace the latest handcrafting techniques and skilled artisans to ensure that our customers get real value for their money. 

Vision & Values 

We have the vision to keep the alive traditional craftsmanship of the artisans while providing excellent customer service and unparalleled value.
Bharat Artisans sees a need to help the people of India with philanthropic endeavors. We have committed to sell handcrafted gift bags made by the people receiving limbs from Mahavir Seva Sadan (www.mahavirsevasadan.com). These bags can be purchased from us or by local organizations raising money.  All money from the gift bags sells through Bharat Artisans will be given to Mahavir Seva Sadan. 


Local organizations raising money will be 50% of the funds to promote the local organization and balance will be given to Mahavir Seva Sadan.