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Original Oil By Kishan Soni

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Kishan Soni

Kishan Soni
Born November 19th,1958

Artist Statement

My effort always has been to reach the depths of human heart through paintings  to reach the feelings and expressions of a common man  to fathom the sorrows and the pain, the pangs of love and compassion  to depict all those qualities which are bestowed by the nature. Everyone has same outbreak of emotions and the feelings of sorrow and love are identical to everyone. I have tried to bring all these strokes and shades on canvas and other surfaces through imagery of man and woman. I wish to submerge into this ethereal world of colorful creation and take my viewers along for the same experience. The vision of my painting to re-introduce the real style and traditional style in the modernization is because real art is going to dissolve in the modern art. I believe in making that painting which is no need of description. I am inspired by the Indian Artists S.M. Pandit and Raja Ravi Verma because I like their real style of expression. I have also been impressed by the European realism artists. I got my first recognition in 1982 when I started micro-paintings in India. I write the full Gayatri Mantra on rice single grain, Sita Ram Laxman and hanuman picture on half ground nut grain, 30 elephant on rice single grain, whole world map on one pearl, Jhansi fort on single rice grain and many more. Experience I have been working in my studio since 1970 and have made around 3000 portraits and paintings so far. Currently, I am founder of Suryanshi Arts, and associates Art Club and Pulind Kala Deergaha which are working towards the promotion of the art and artist. In addition to these, I am also actively associated with a number of self-help and social organizations. Its my pleasure Student of fine art are also doing doctorate and M. Phil on my paintings.



  • GLA University, Mathura in Agrata Management fest 2015
  • Amity University. Gurgaon as KalaShree Award 2014
  • Arya Kanya Maha Vidhyalaya in Golden Jubilee Celebration 2013
  • Sansad Shri Chandra Pal Singh Yadav, Jhansi 2013
  • Sanskar bharti sanstha, Jhansi, 2013
  • indravati Mahavidhyalaya, Katehri, Faizabad ,UP. 2012
  • Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow, 2010
  • Recipient of Bundelkhand Gourav Samman, 1993
  • Recipient of Jhansi Ratna, 2002
  • Sadhwi Ritambhra ji in the inauguration of Batsalya Gram, Mathura, 2005
  • Bipin Bihari Vidhyalaya, Jhansi 1981
  • Akhil Bhartiya Hastshilp Kala Ayog, 1989
  • Jhansi Mahotsav Annual Programs, 1998, 99, 2000, 01,02,03,04
  • Classic Jeasis Club Jhansi, 2007
  • Akhil Bhartiya Swarnkaar Sangh, 2001
  • B.H.E.L. Jhansi, 1998
  • Gyan Ashram Sarswati Vidhya Peeth, 2007
  • LaLit Kala Acedemy, Uttar Pradesh, 2009
  • Akhil Bhartiya Vidhyarthi Parishad, Jhansi,


Workshops, Camps, and Awards

  • 2009 National/International Art Workshops International art workshop organized by SMD Foundation in Bhutan
  • 2014 International art workshop organized by International Art festival, Jaipur
  • 2014 International art workshop organized by Mohan Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan
  • 2011 National artist tour camp organized by studio akshay & Mystic village creative art club, Pune, Maharashtra
  • 2011 Art Camp in Puri, Odisa 2010, 2012 Art workshop organized by Art Mall, Delhi
  • 2010 Art Camp in Bhuwneswar, Odisa
  • 2010 International Art Festival, Sprit of India, organized by the Prarambh, Mumbai
  • 2007 Painting Workshop organized by Kalavart Kalanyas Ujjain
  • 2015 International Art Festival, Varnagam Shivir, organized by the Kalidas Sanskrit Akadami, Ujjain
  • 2005, 07, 08, 09, 2014 National Art Festival Organized by the Mystic, Puna,
  • 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 National Art Festival Organized by Kala Rang Kala Sang, Gwalior
  • 2007, 08 National Workshop Organized by Kalankan Prayas, Dhanbad Jharkhand
  • 2009 Exhibitions A group show by Artizen Art Gallery, New Delhi 2015 A group show (International art Exhibition) at Central Lalit kala academy, Lucknow in program by wild life artist group
  • 2015 A group show at Lalit kala academy, Lucknow
  • 2014 A group show at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
  • 2013 A group exhibition Vibration in Chadigarh, Gwalior and Banglore, Delhi
  • 2013 A group exhibition in Tansen Kala Vithika, Gwalior
  • 2013 A group exhibition in Lalit kala academy, New Delhi
  • 2012 A group exhibition in Artizen Art Gallery, Delhi
  • 2012 A group painting exhibition in Nehru Center, London organized by Utkarsh Prathisthan
  • 1999 Group exhibitions during Jhansi Mahotsav, organized by Pulind Kala Deergha, Jhansi
  • 2001, 02,03,04,05 Group exhibition in B.H.E.L., Jhansi
  • 1998 Solo Exhibition in Museum Art Gallery
  • Jhansi 2009 Awards First Prize in Painting Competition organized by Jaycees Club
  • 1980 First Prize in Young Artist Art Competition organized by Sarjan Sahitya Kala Sanstha
  • 1987 Demonstration Painting demonstration in Amity University Annual Program
  • Gurgaon 2014 Painting demonstration in Tansen Kala Bithika, Gwalior
  • 2013 Painting demonstration in Santram collage of Fine Art, Aanand, Gujrat,
  • 2011 Painting demonstration in Art Department, Jamia University, Delhi,

Collections on Display

  • India Jhansi Railway Station (Jhansi)
  • Jhansi Museum (Jhansi)
  • Cuttack Museum
  • Orissa, Jai Vilas Palace (Gwalior)
  • Betwa Club (Jhansi)
  • Nagar Palika (Jhansi)
  • Gwalior Raiway Station (Gwalior)
  • Nagpur Railway Station (Nagpur)
  • Orcha Ram Raja Mandir

    As well asd Teekamgarh (M.P.)Noida, Bhopal, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bhuwneswar, Cuttack Museum and Delhi Abroad U.S.A., Landon, England, Nepal, Bhutan


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